Cloth Diapers in Hospital and Day Cares

Today’s theme for Real Diaper Week is cloth diapers out in the world basically!

If you decide to use cloth diapers in the hospital after your have your baby,  there would be a few things to keep in mind.

  • How long will you be in the hospital?  Are you prepared that if you have to stay in the hospital for a longer period of time, chances are someone will have to take the diapers home (like your husband) and wash them?  For some, this is an issue.
  • Do you have diapers small enough to fit your baby?  Try Bummis preemie prefolds!  They are perfect for those first few weeks.
  • Are you comfortable dealing with the nurses?  For some this isn’t an issue.  For me, after I had my kids I was to emotionally off balance to deal with the nurses asking questions or judging (or what I would interpt as judging).

Don’t be scared of the meconium, it’s not as scary as it looks.  People do say it does wash out.

So fast forward a year, and you’re dealing with day care situations!  (It went fast didn’t it?)  Here’s a few tips:

  • Find a daycare that’s willing to use cloth diapers.  Don’t just assume they will!  You could have a message from them before you even get to work!
  • Go easy on them!  When you find that daycare, especially if they have never done cloth before, go as close to disposables as possible.  We don’t want to scare them off!  Try pocket diapers (all stuffed and ready to go) or AIO’s.  These are the easiest to use for most people.
  • Don’t ask them to deal with the dirties.  The easiest directions for your daycare provider is to change the diaper and put it in the wet bag.  You can ask that they mention if there’s a dirty in there, but don’t expect them to remember at the end of the day!
  • Go gentle.  Don’t push it if they say No.  If you’re really determined to use this provider, you have a decision to make!  Maybe see what they say later on down the road?  You can always drop your child off in a cloth and change them into a disposable at the daycare and let them see how easy it would be!

Happy Real Diaper Week!  Are you registered for The Great Cloth Diaper Change?


About East Coast Diapers

When I found out we were expecting, one of the first things we purchased for our baby was cloth diapers. Finding information online was easy - With so many options, making a decision was not easy. We needed to touch and feel and talk to someone who has been there. We did, and we could not be happier with our decision to use cloth diapers. We were so happy that we decided that we needed to give other parents in this area the opportunity to easily choose cloth diapers. We carry everything you need as well as help you in any way you need. East Coast Diapers is located in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada just outside the town of New Glasgow.
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One Response to Cloth Diapers in Hospital and Day Cares

  1. Kim says:

    My second baby has never been in a disposable diaper – ever! She was born at the Aberdeen Hospital in New Glasgow, NS. The nurses were very supportive in our decision to cloth diaper her right from the start.

    My number one tip is to include Cloth diapering, and your desire for no disposables to be used on your baby part of your birth plan. When we met with the nurse to go over our birth plan, fill in the paper work, etc, we talked about cloth diapers, and they were supportive from the start.

    Many nurses had experience with cloth diapers, but most did not. Because this was our second child, daddy was well versed in cloth diapering and showed them how easy it was. All commented on how cute the covers were and how cute her little bum was. He brought them back home to be washed after the second day, as we had to stay 3 days at the Hospital because of she was delivered by c-section.Premie prefolds are inexpensive, so building a 2 day stash won’t break the bank, and is less expensive then using disposables. Premie Size prefolds are also great later on as additional stuffing for pocket diapers.

    For us, cloth diapering is just as much about reducing chemical exposure as reducing our environmental footprint. We are happy we were able to give our baby a great start!

    The meconium simply washed out and didn’t leave a stain. Don’t worry about the meconium, shoudl you get stains, you can always hang your diapersin the sun to dry. The sun is the best natural whitener, and will naturally “bleach” out most stains out of your diapers..

    We hope you will consider cloth diapering your baby at the hospital, but remember, you need to make decisions that work for you and your family, and there is no wrong decision.

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